Improve Your Image in a Day and Change Your Life

First impressions count its a known fact that people form an opinion on a persons appearance within 30 seconds. The way you present yourself to others, can make a big difference to your life and this is where an image consultant can help you get more from life. If you look good you feel good. You are more confident and it can be the difference between getting the job or promotion you want and even meeting the partner of your dreams. The key is to find the style that suits you and improving your image does not need to be expensive. We cater for men, women and corporate clients and offer a full image consultancy service.

Changing your image is easy and will only take you a few hours and will pay for itself many times over and give you the opportunity to lead a more happier and more fulfilling life.

Our Branches

Cotton World

38, Ambour Salai, Between Hot Bread and Lucky Photos, pondicherry, Puducherry 605001 0413 2220696

Linen World

106, Mission Street, Thiyagumuddliyar Street, Cutting, (Opp. Honesty Departmental Store, Next to Royal Emporium), pondicherry, Puducherry 605001 0413 4500034

Tirupur Summer Collection

54E, Ambour salai pondicherry, Puducherry 605001 0413 4201771

New Cotton World

106, misson street pondicherry, Puducherry 605001 0413 4201975